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englishasosiation exsam

now my spell wriht is disorder!! sorry…

when I staying homestay in brisban,I showed to my host father my englishasosiation refeence book.(texstbook…)It was 1grade texstbook.but my hostfather readed it hardly.he sad,[this texst book is very hard.I saw this ward fast time,besid’s, this ward not using oudinaly,maybe,most people will not able to make it out,it was very redicurase.even native speaker not use a lo of ward.that parson use 500 through 600 word in there’s life. ]

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it was interest for me.however,please change think,if I were foreinger’ will see.

I were foreinger,I will question to japanese,[why you are not holder kanken?despite you are japanese?]

ithis is ovios,see from everybody.I think so.this think is my opinion only.

so that I worrying ,I quite leaning about english asosiation exsam or not.but it is necesary all mean.i never give up to english.I do not come back again myselfe of old time.

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