next place yurt farm !!!!!

now I arrived to yurt farm. and I could meet mike first timme.

this town is ”Gorlborn” parhops.this spel is wlong….sorry

this twon is nerly sedney.but I went to sedney by plane, after I get on train bound for canberra.

I spend about 3howr for move to gorlborn.

this farm made by mike all craft. He spend 30years for making this farm and cabin!!!!

i love this cabin. when I enter the cabin, I felt his favor and power of dream, and his ideal.

now I feeling very hard. it is free pay on working this farm.

it is unavoidable for get second visa.

I still not understand whether I stay 2 yaers in aus or not . but I have to find out my mission and my futere! it must have in this farm.

if peterpan still arrive, and if I had met him, it is mike? now i thinking.

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his idea overflow next to next,that was very saprise for me.

when I met to him first time, he asked me”what your dream?”bisids, his eye was selias. he is pure.

I could’nt anserw his question. and I felt achamed to myself.

where is myself, my dream. what did I do? why I still arrive?

what is inportant thing for me? what did I wanted?

now I renewing myblog from livelarly.

I can not tidy in my mood.

but I will have finded out my ansewr when I finished work this farm.

still continue my blog……I want wright more about mike…but my english is poor…….



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