my regret and my confedence?

architecture was gift for Mr mike. When he was young,he overacrossed to USA.For laerning architecure. after he came back to austraria.
I am not make out whether he made yurt farm ealy than his sawmill or not.
instead, not come out wage everybody working,I will gift to you.mike told me.

since,I kept metter to [prosess],could I become modest?
sinceI became working at amallest unit of thing cangeing gradurly,I became see thruogh the whole ,espesyaly, [how to make this somebody? who did make for some body? who put into this conduct how wish?]
I felt conect to something when I stearted thinking about it.I con not say concete something,I just feeling it.

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untillnow,I had been workiing while keep scorn to my job place,at the same time,I searched for next place for working. untill that time,I didn’t recoginaze who is not aim for anything,

but one day, I was stalemate.[untillnow,What did I want to do?what did I aiming for?I did not figure enything out,after I became NEET.

I needed something purpose,it was anything ok.
I started aim for JOCV,I bout textbook about english assosiation,semi2,2grade,1grade.
I had been steadyed everyday until 4or5or close in livelaly.but that wish was not come true.
thanks to that time,I don’t have ploblem of communication.
wastething is notthing.I was recoginaized it.

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