my make own wish…


young people’s tolend of recently part 1

untill now,I had been living young japanese people in secilplain. while working, I torked them about value of work.

I founded out one commmon think when I talking to them.

1,when they got enployement to company,they enter to company keep having there’s one dedesire.

they going to throw in the towel that job [=quit]after they kept that work 3 year’s.

But I quited my farst job within 3 mounth….oops.

one man told me his plan after this and when he came back to japan.

he going to leaning about spanish when he finished his working holiday inaustlaria.But he dose not have idea about job,after he came back to japan whether he get job or not.besaid’s he sad [company is sistem for that I used my company for my method.=my way]

but I had one question to him.he used his company?or, he was used by company? I don’t know.If he was able to use his company for himself and he came true his dream, he should not have had worry about his job and his income.he worked his company while 3yaer’s,I was not figure it out…and I will not make it out ……

I have to make plan for my self and my future.I got old,I welcomed 28 old…hummmmm.

I want see my future,but if it see clealy,I will feel scarely,but if it not see unclealy, I will feel uneasiness.

what I want to do…

mike had bankrapt to…

befor,I had been working in cecil paln.I hasked to vic.vic had bankrapt twise.when he was 21 yaer’s old,his farther died, after he made own word to himself,[I want make my company,it mast be.]

after, he reperted promote and bancrapt each towise.

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He did not overcome himself.He had been going to bank untill he success. it is very hard.even now,company tax is very expencive.besid’s, he had been holding debt!!!

I heared this story in vic’s car when we coming back on the way from our shopping.

now I working in yurt farm. mike had bancrapt to!!

30yaer’s ago,he living a life by running sheep farm.

one day,suddenly chemical fiber appeared.sheep wool’s praise was go down after he was not able to run his farm.At that time,he closed his farm’s gate,he left his farm with his wife and hisdog.after, he went to CANBERA for get job.

mike got to office job in Canbera.he saying about was start night mare for him.

he worked in office with PC.Same operation was re peart everyday,he getting tire that job.he was not able to use his inspilation besid’s he recoginazed to himself,[I hate enployee…]

Mike had been waorking that office while 10yaer’s.after he went up to was for vorantia.I don’t know whether it was WWOOF or not.But mike fainaly founded his life.He leaned architecture that place. And he got a was design of he saying about it, [it was gift.]

after, mike brought back that ‘gift’ to australia.And he kicked started his life.

when he came back to his farm, 15 sheep living in his farm.and he had 3 house.he realized, a small incoome can get from live stock.He used this.

He earn small money from his live stock and he worked on built to cabin.

Yurt farm started from one cabin builting over 20 cabin! he spended over 30 year’s!!!

And he started out door education in yurt farm.

now he having his wood factly Canbera and goulburn.he made sistem for not work is impression for me!!!

I will refer to his life stayle.he living a life only he want to do.

one by one getting near when I leave this place.

I want find out ”what I want to do”

but I am exsactly where supporse be now,

I hate enpoyee…it’s only.

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