look back myworking holiday

now a days, I am feeling fear to go down my English ability. I am not motivate to lean English while waiting until come out result. 

even when I am killing time, I am in restless.

so to maintain my English ability, I started look back my working holiday.

it was starting in my FB account.

I want share when I went to Yurt farm. this is Mikes talk.I love him and this place.
if I could afford to go there, I want to visit again.but it is not come true. I decided go back Japan directly. I need make my own business ASAP.
while I am in a standstill, money will be consuming. I don’t have confidence to get work in Japan.

but if I needed to work something, I will have to do it. it is painful…just painful.
In spite of return to Japan is getting close, I still not design my future that after back to Japan.

fortunately, I am able to continue to win by Casino, my money is adding. it is helpful for me.
anyway I wanna see my result of IELTS.

my working holiday….

it was right. must be right.

if I can make Working holiday sane, it up to be an action that I make it afterwords.
go ahead,just goahead.

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