log of fought to bush fire!!

couple weeks ago, jonasan, he almost bring about big bush fire!!
at that time, my work started from after noon due to that day was half day off.
when my work started, I felt different to usual. somehow, radio line was busy more ever jonasan was upseting and he looks impatient.
his word and voice was nearly roar.
[fire moving to next to next bush and tree!!can’t put out fire!!]
after 4hour ,putted fire out finally.
it was got caused explosion that some gas can through out in plastic bag.further more, that gas can putted together in the plastic bag.
in desert, air is drying. it less than40% as usual.
if season into summer, and some condition overlap that 45 dgree temper with moisture go down 25%, that will caused bush fire.
recently , fire office making bush fire about this area before season into summer.
why making bush fire? according to under control bush fire.
normaly, fire not move to ash. so they making fire each place.if bring about bush fire, it possible to minimize the damage.

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