good by yurt farm

thank you,yurt farm,,,

fainaly,time is come when I leave this yurt farm. I leave from yurt farm was very hard.I had been making reason while tidying up my luggugage that I am not leave yurt farm. so, somehow ,I spended too much time to put my luggage togather.

when I came up to Yurt farm first time,little bit,I had regret. [is this different tark…..]

But Mike turned over my disapointed!!!!He changed it to hope.

I passed long time in yurt is my treasure.

we had been singing a lot of song and exchanged story’s.Most wwoofer and visiter was repeter!!Make were loved from many people. He was not overcome himself when he had bancrapt and he left his farm once.

He came back his farm,after he made own wish to himself,[I sart my life from now!!]

I love this story.I don’t what I say about this story,this story made me brave.I like Mike.

I leave this farm befor, I had been walking around in yurt farm.I wanted engrave yurt ‘s view on my mind at last.

go through yurt farm,went up to fishing yurt,peace yurt.I did not leave this farm….

I finished see around yurt farm afterI came back to our wwoof house, Make invaited me ping-pong.

If I not make allowonece to Mike,I will won from him by easy.[oops…..]but my mood was complex while playing ping-pong.If I won short time,this time is not continu long time.I had beeb hoping while playimg ping-pong that do not end this time. please countinue forever…….at that time only,I felt bitter against to time…

finaly,time was come when end of pig-pong game.Mike told me [this ping-pong game is last time.We are even always!! after let’s play scrable.see you]

after , I stayed in gleen shell,I remenbering my memory when I came to yurt farm through untill yesterday.It continued many time,over and over,more and more….

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while long time after,somehow I barst into tear’s.I could not stand overflowing my tear.It was first experience for me.I sited down to sofar,I had been crying.

Became at 7, oclock’ started continued over by one,everyone was getting tired and sleaping,but I had been absent-mind while playing game.

I could not tidy up my mind at that time yet…

when the morning has come,I went to out side somehow….

I wanted see sun-rise…..

It was butiful….

wind had been blowing up untill yesterday,but thismornig ,that wind stopped flatly….

it was very carm….

I was off to station while I was seen my deperture by carm wether and Mike.

when I off to station, Enzo followed me. He brout my wach to me.

when he came to yurt farm,he had a lot of instulment.And timely, I had my guiter just at that time.we singed [atand be me].It was vosanova cover.

he had many kindness.and little bit slyness….

but, if I want come back again to yurt farm,it will poossible.except for winter.

Goulburn was very good place…..I reary miss since I came Donny Brook.

will soon start my new life.wether my life become fan or not is up to myselfe.

my trip is still continue.

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